Caravan Storage Manager

Caravan Storage Manager Software

Caravan Storage Manager is software developed to run on Microsoft Windows. It will help you manage all aspects of your Caravan Storage or Self Storage site. The software records all details of customers, caravans, storage details, insurance details, invoices, reminders and many other details to help you run your site as efficiently as possible.
The software has been completely adapted to work with all aspects of the Australian market including GST, address fields, Invoicing etc.

The software consists of a core module that handles all the common tasks, such as recording customer and storage details as well as generating contracts and invoices.

Additional modules are available separately to allow integration with Paxton Net2 Access Control systems, Xero Accounts Software and Multi-User Mode. We are currently working on a module to integrate with Sage Accounts

We are always looking for new ideas and are open to suggestions from sites of additional features they would like to see implemented.

We can import data from a wide variety of other systems, to get you up and running as soon as possible with the minimum of data entry. We have imported data from Access, Excel, Sage, ACT, SQL Server, MySQL, Diversity Projects Ltd and many other bespoke systems.

Please note we are not the same company as Diversity Projects Ltd that produced a program called Caravan Storage Manager from 2002 until 2009. Diversity Projects Ltd ceased trading in 2015. We can however import all of the data from their old Caravan Storage Manager into our new software allowing you to upgrade to a modern, supported program. Please contact us for further information

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